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My Book

10 Keys to Student Empowerment: Unlocking the Hero in Each Student

by Cathleen Beachboard and Marynn Dause

Cathleen is one of my best friends now, but we hardly knew each other when she invited me to coauthor. That's one thing I love about her: Cathleen is an all-or-nothing, totally faith-filled risk-accepter.

We finished our manuscript in nine months. Almost one year to the day we started writing, it was ready for publication. And though this is our first book, it certainly won't be the only one for either of us. Last I checked, Cathleen was working on drafts for five more books of her own! I'm probably going to get my doctorate first, but after that I'm sure I'll be back at it, too.

Here's what our editor had to say about 10 Keys to Student Empowerment: Unlocking the Hero in Each Child:

Discover how to work alongside your students to unlock their potential.

This powerful book reveals 10 keys to creating a classroom where your students can take ownership of their learning and become heroes in their own lives. You’ll learn how to build relationships, support, strength, willpower, soft skills, service, agency, curiosity, innovation, and productive failure. Each key is illustrated in a narrative format, designed with tips and notes to help you make practical changes immediately.


By the end, you’ll have the foundational pieces to create a student-powered classroom where students learn about themselves, fail forward, and gain courage to face challenges head on.

You can buy a copy at either of the links below. (We're still working on convincing Routledge to let us record an audio version.)

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